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We are excited to announce our newest workshop for Certified Practitioners, Mat Mastery, is coming to Singapore again in October.  This is an experiential in-person workshop designed to give you another tool to facilitate breakthroughs in development by using a Leadership Circle canvas floor mat.
Stepping onto the mat brings about a striking visual and a felt sense of how Leaders show up, individually and collectively. Mat exercises strengthen self-awareness, spark new perspectives, enhance the exploration of profile results, and reveal new and effective choices for individuals and groups.
Whether you are newly certified in Leadership Circle Profile or have been using the tool for years, during this workshop, you will gain: 
  • A deeper connection and understanding of the Universal Model.
  • A physical experience in the difference between Reactive and Creative.
  • A toolkit of exercises to immediately put into practice with your clients/organisation.

The workshop registration also gives you the opportunity to purchase Leadership Circle canvas floor mats at a 50% discount. This exclusive offer allows you to not only enrich your learning experience but also acquire this valuable tool at an incredible price.

Join us in Singapore to work through real client scenarios with specially designed activities on the mat, test and share with other participants and leave with a renewed sense of what makes the Leadership Circle Profile™ the best, most requested leadership development tool worldwide.

Space is limited so register now to secure your spot. 

Mat Mastery Singapore Workshop

Tuesday 1 October

2015-05 MENA Dubai C1 EDIT

“Taking the stage development model from an intellectual understanding to a somatic experience requires participants to get into their bodies and inhabit the reactionary tendencies and Creative competencies. Using the LC mat is a highly effective way to get participants on their feet, use their bodies to stand their Reactive patterns and move when they talk about shifts they have made or want to make. The polarities of the model become clearer and the tensions that lie beneath more visceral. It is also powerful to have participants, in team settings, see each other in their strengths and limitations and appreciate the diversity of the team make up. I never do a workshop without getting my clients on the mat.”

- Greg Lourey, Senior Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

"Including mat work with the LCP can have a profound somatic impact and generate rich shifts. It helps leaders reveal and feel patterns and physically experience the LCP as a developmental compass. Bringing it into my practice has really helped my clients, who were cognitively understanding it, to really get it!"

- Michael Bertrand, Executive Coach

"When leaders stand on the LC Mat to claim their own strengths and tendencies, their intuitive understanding of leadership increases, they embody the felt sense of their own leadership experience and they can identify their easiest pathways from Reactive to Creative."

- Angela Spaxman, Leadership Coach and Facilitator, Hong Kong

"Engaging a team or group with exploring their profiles on the Leadership Circle mat enables them to see others and themselves moving through their current and desired stories as a leader in a fresh way – I have noticed deep and profound learning experiences occur."

- Graham Hill, Executive Coach and Learning Professional

Register Now

Full day workshop
50% off mat purchases for 1 month post workshop
Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Tea included

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Facilitator: Michael Bertrand

Michael is an Executive and Agile Leadership coach. He works with senior leaders and teams globally looking for long-lasting impact and powerful connections. Michael’s specialties are executive coaching, team coaching, facilitation and team performance. He holds an ICF PCC certification and has been trained in neurobehavioral coaching, Systemic coaching, adult developmental coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Immunity to Change and co-active coaching.

He works with leaders and leadership teams that want to thrive with agility in very dynamic environments and become the influential leaders of tomorrow. Having worked with high-profile leaders all over the world, Michael has developed a deep cross-cultural understanding. He also has a rich experience coaching individuals in a large variety of environments which includes highly regimented or political contexts. Michael’s life has been one of integrating with many cultures, one of many reboots and one full of powerful encounters. Michael has held senior leadership roles, led large teams across multiple continents and driven large organizational transformations.
An entrepreneur at heart, Michael has been in the start-up scene since the early 2000s and explored cutting-edge topics such as Artificial Intelligence. To this day, he is still exploring new ventures and supporting entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams. In addition to these exhilarating professional experiences, he also found the time to pursue his passion in sports. Michael has been an elite
athlete competing at national and international levels.
All these experiences have led him to be able to be very comfortable with the unknown, have made him an expert in perspective-taking, ignited his passion for team dynamics and created a space of simplicity for himself. Michael works with his clients from a place of deep empathy, calm, courage and lightness. Michael is accredited in The Leadership Circle, The Leadership Maturity Framework, Organizational Relationship System Coaching, Appreciative Enquiry and Neurobehavioral Modelling. Michael holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) from CTI (Co-active Training Institute).