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Working in the Reactive
for more Capacity in the Creative

Only by deeply understanding and staying in the reactive does the creative open up

Whether you are a seasoned Leadership Circle practitioner or newly certified, deepening your understanding of the Reactive is essential to creating meaningful outcomes in moving to the creative. This masterclass fosters a healthy relationship with the Reactive. Rather than seeing it as an inconvenience to be rid of, it is an aspect of self to be understood; the more we understand, the more effective we become. Deepen your capability and confidence in exploring and evolving the reactive structure both with clients and yourself.

This highly popular Masterclass was developed by Sarah Cornally and is facilitated by Brett Wood. If you attend one workshop this year, make it this one!

This online workshop provides new insights, fine distinctions, time for practice, lively discussion and the opportunity to share a profile you have found particularly challenging (with private information redacted).

  • Learn and practice the centrepiece transformation method, 'What's at Risk?'
  • Understand the development of the reactive character structure and the links to stages of development
  • Appreciate the neuro-physiology involved and how to shape and influence it
  • Study reactive patterns we see in profiles, their implications and challenges
  • Explore various applications for working with Reactive tendencies – both cognitive and somatic - to expand your skill set.


All development occurs at our point of optimal conflict

“While intellectual awareness is an important step, it doesn’t necessarily lead to transformation. The reactive structure is developed in a highly somatic state, so using methods that touch into all levels of our consciousness provides the greatest leverage.
All development occurs at our point of optimal conflict! Are we capable of providing the support our clients require whilst they face into the challenge and wrestle with what needs to be discovered? Are we prepared and courageous enough to create the conditions for accelerated development to occur?”

- Sarah Cornally, Strategic Leadership Advisor

Our world is crying out for great leadership

"If you want to deepen your practice, knowledge and understanding of how to accelerate the development of your leadership clients and their organisations using the LCP, then I urge you to find time to attend these Masterclasses. Our world is crying out for great leadership. Step up and join the conversation."
- Ian Paterson, LC Faculty & Executive Coach

Places are limited - secure your spot

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Places are limited to 14 participants. Past runs of this workshop have sold out with a waitlist, so register now to secure your spot!

This workshop is virtual and delivered via Zoom. Open to any certified LC practitioners in Asia Pacific or globally where the timezones align.

View 2024 dates and register below.

This virtual masterclass will run over two afternoons (Day 1 - 5hr & Day 2 - 4.5 hr). 
12pm - 5pm & 4.30pm AEST each day which is:
2pm - 7pm & 6.30pm NZST
10am - 3pm & 2.30pm AWST/CST/HKT/SGT
11am - 4pm & 3.30pm JST

19 - 20 March 2024

4 - 5 June 2024
3 - 4 September 2024
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Facilitator: Brett Wood, LC Faculty and Executive Coach

Brett Wood is known for ground-breaking change facilitation combining leadership development, coaching, arts-based methods and self-organised collaboration. He’s also an expert facilitator of group dialogue for stakeholders who come together to navigate complexity and learn together to make progress on what matters most.

Brett consults and facilitates development for front line managers through to CEO level with measurable positive results. He’s worked with organisations including Zurich, APRA, Uniting, NAB, Lifehouse, Telstra and many more spanning health, utilities, finance, government, pharmaceuticals, legal, consumables and telecommunications.